Queries on Local Files

In the ClickHouse-based Analytics Workspace and any connected DuckDB database, you can easily query local files with SQL. You can query CSV, JSON, Parquet & more.

Drag-and-drop a file into the SQL query editor, and run queries on the file right away. This is great for quick ad-hoc queries.

If you don’t want to write queries by hand, consider to instead attach the file as a source to the Analytics Workspace. This allows you to use the AI Assistant and the data explorer UI for your file.

When you drag-and-drop a file into an empty query editor, the editor will be populated with a default query to select from your file:

Alternatively, if the editor is not empty, only the file’s identifier will be inserted at the cursor position:

Learn More

To learn more on how to query files in the ClickHouse-based Analytics Workspace, or with DuckDB: