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You can now use GPT-4 with the AI assistant. Available on the new Pro plan. Subscribe here.

We’ve also added AI response streaming.

GPT-4 screenshot

GPT-3.5 16K

DB Pilot’s AI assistant now uses OpenAI’s latest GPT-3.5 Turbo model, providing a context window of 16,385 tokens - 4x higher than before.


App Crashes Fixed, DuckDB 0.9.1 & Support for All Official DuckDB Extensions

This release comes with two important bug fixes:

  • The app no longer crashes after certain types of SQL errors in the analytics workspace.
  • The app no longer crashes when connecting to a DuckDB database or saving query results as CSV. This bug affected Intel based Macs only.

Additionally, DuckDB is updated to version 0.9.1. DuckDB doesn’t yet support reading database files created with older versions of DuckDB, so you’ll have to migrate your existing DuckDB databases. Please follow these steps:

  • Download DuckDB version 0.7.1 and unzip it. This is the DuckDB version DB Pilot came with until now.
  • In a terminal, use the just downloaded version of DuckDB to access your database. E.g. ~/Downloads/duckdb /path/to/my/database.db
  • Run EXPORT DATABASE '/path/to/some/directory/';, then exit (press CTRL C two times).
  • Create a new DuckDB connection in DB Pilot. In the “Database” field, enter a path to a file that doesn’t exist yet to create a new empty database.
  • Run IMPORT DATABASE '/path/to/some/directory/'; in the newly created database to import your data.
  • Press CMD R to reload the entities of the database in DB Pilot.

Last but not least, you can now install and load all official (i.e. signed) DuckDB extensions, e.g. INSTALL iceberg; LOAD iceberg. Previously, only extensions that came bundled with DB Pilot could be used. As extensions can now be installed and loaded as needed, DB Pilot doesn’t bundle any extensions anymore, leading to a smaller app size by default.


Save Query Results as CSV

You can now export results of a SQL query to a CSV file:

Export to CSV screenshot

Additionally, this release fixes two bugs affecting older versions of MacOS:

  • It used to be impossible to submit messages to the AI assistant
  • In certain cases the minimize/maximize window buttons did not work


Release 1.0.0 🎉 - External Sources, Query History & More

This is DB Pilot’s biggest update yet, packed with many new features and improvements.

In short, you can now:

  • Attach external sources to the embedded ClickHouse database
  • Select which tables the AI assistant should know about
  • See your past SQL queries
  • Resize all sub-windows
  • Use even more keyboard shortcuts

Easily connect all your data sources, then query them as if they were one single database: Simply attach external sources like other databases, local files, or files on S3, GCS, or other object storages.

Release 1.0.0 app screenshot

Embedded ClickHouse and Standalone DuckDB Support

Starting with this release, the embedded analytics database is powered by an in-process ClickHouse instance, replacing DuckDB.

This provides faster queries in certain cases, and overall even wider ranging support of data formats. For example, you can now easily join data from a PostgreSQL database with data from a local file on your machine:

Join PostgreSQL and local file data

Using ClickHouse in this way is possible thanks to the amazing open-source project chDB.

Furthermore, this release adds support for custom DuckDB database connections:

New DuckDB connection

The supported DuckDB version is 0.7.1. Available DuckDB extensions are: httpfs, json, parquet, and sqlite_scanner.

Note: To access data from the previous, DuckDB-powered, embedded database, create a new DuckDB connection in the DB Pilot app using file path /Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/Library/Application Support/io.dbpilot/user.db.


Better Session Handling

We improved session handling, so that you will stay signed in inside the app for longer.


Sign in by Email and AI Assistant for SQLite

We’ve added a new sign-in method! In addition to signing in with Google, you can now also sign in by email.


Besides that, we made the AI assistant available for SQLite. So go ahead, and chat with your SQLite instances :)


Introducing a Free Tier

You can now use a basic version of DB Pilot completely for free! All currently supported databases work with the free tier. Perfect for when you’re just getting started.

Once you’re ready to enhance your SQL workflow, subscribe to the Plus plan and get access to exclusive features like the DB Pilot AI assistant.

Billing screenshot

SQLite and CockroachDB Support

You can now connect to SQLite databases in DB Pilot. We’ve also made it easier to connect to CockroachDB instances.



MySQL Support

We’ve added support for MySQL in DB Pilot.

Go give it a try and use the GPT AI assistant to chat with your MySQL databases!


Spreadsheet-like Editor and Keyboard Shortcuts

You can now edit your database rows in DB Pilot 🎉

The spreadsheet-like editor allows you to easily insert new rows, and update or delete existing ones.

You can preview everything before committing any changes, and you can check exactly what SQL will be executed by DB Pilot.


Besides that, we added keyboard shortcuts for the most important actions, with more coming soon:

  • Switch to previous tab: ⌘⇧[
  • Switch to next tab: ⌘⇧]
  • Run query: ⌘↵
  • Refresh: ⌘R
  • Commit changes: ⌘S
  • Delete row: ⌫ (needs commit afterwards, so you don’t accidentally delete something)


Reworked PostgreSQL Integration

We’ve reworked DB Pilot’s PostgreSQL integration from the ground up. All column types are now supported!



This release of DB Pilot adds table filters.

You can now view and filter your tables without having to write any SQL!

Table filters screenshot

PostgreSQL Support, Save Results, and More

A big new release with many new things 🚀

  • PostgreSQL support
  • Save query results as a table in DB Pilot
  • Added a schema selector to the table list sidebar
  • The UI now handles long column values better


Table Viewer


First Release 🚀

See the announcement on Twitter / X.

Website screenshot

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