Connect to DuckDB

To connect to a DuckDB database:

  1. Click the connection selector button
  2. Then click “Add connection”
Add connection button

Next, click the “DuckDB” button:

Select new connection type

Then, fill in your connection details. Afterwards, click “Save”:

New connection form
  • Name: An arbitrary name to identify the connection in DB Pilot.
  • Database: The path to your database file.

Create a New Database

To create a new DuckDB database, go through the same flow as above but enter a new path (where there is no existing file) in the “Database” form field.

Connect to MotherDuck

To connect to a MotherDuck instance:

  1. Go through the same flow as above but enter a value starting with md: into the “Database” form field.
  2. Click “Save”, then wait for the MotherDuck confirmation page to open in your web browser. This may take a while the first time you connect to MotherDuck. This is due to the MotherDuck extension being downloaded and installed by DuckDB.
  3. Once the page is open, click “Confirm”.
  4. Then return to DB Pilot.