AI Assistant

DB Pilot’s AI Assistant helps you write queries that work with your data. It is powered by GPT-3.5 and GPT-4.

Get Started With the AI Assistant

Step 1: Open the Assistant and Sign In

To start using the AI Assistant:

  1. Click the AI Assistant button in the top-right to open the assistant window
  2. Then sign in

Step 2: Try for Free

When signing in through the app for the first time, your 5-day free trial will start automatically.

During the free trial, you can send 20 messages to the AI assistant with GPT-3.5 for free.

Step 3: Subscribe for Better Models and Continued Use

To continue using the AI Assistant after your free trial, and to get access to GPT-4, subscribe to a paid plan. Click here to see pricing.

You can cancel anytime in your account settings.

Working With the AI Assistant

To send a message to the AI Assistant:

  1. Choose which model to use
  2. Choose which entities the AI Assistant should know about
  3. Enter your message
  4. Submit the message:
    • Either click the submit button in the lower-right corner
    • Or use the ⌘↵ keyboard shortcut
AI assistant how-to

The AI Assistant will then write up a reponse to your request:

AI assistant response

You can send follow-up messages, for example to make adjustments to a query returned previously:

AI assistant follow-up message

Choose Entities for the Assistant’s Context

You can choose which entities (i.e. which tables and views) should be added to the AI Assistant’s context. The assistant will know only about those entities that you select:

AI assistant entity selector

Reset the Chat

To reset the current conversation with the AI Assistant, click the trash can icon:

AI assistant entity selector