A beautiful database GUI. Enhanced by AI.

Minimum MacOS 12.6 required.

DB Pilot AI

AI assistant for your SQL needs

With DB Pilot AI, you can chat with your personal AI assistant powered by GPT-3.5 right inside your database GUI client.

Write SQL queries.
Simply describe the desired outcome of a query in English, and let DB Pilot AI write SQL for you. It figures out which tables to use, how to join them, and which columns to select.
Convert code to SQL and vice versa.
Easily convert between SQL and code for various ORM libraries. No more doing this by hand!
Explain queries.
Have a complex SQL query that's hard to understand? Ask DB Pilot AI to explain it to you!
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Integrated local database

Local hub to connect all your data

DB Pilot comes with an integrated DuckDB instance. It acts as a local hub between your databases, and other data outside of them.

It allows you to easily run SQL queries on a variety of file formats, or store query results from any database locally for later reference.

Combine the two, and you get a straightforward way to connect data from your databases with any other data you may have.

Query local and remote files.
Easily query any CSV, JSON, and Parquet files with SQL - be it files on your machine, on S3, or available over HTTP.
Store query results locally.
Persist the results of any query in the integrated database. An easy way to keep query results from your production DB for later reference, without polluting the production DB.
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See the best features in action

Spreadsheet-like editor

Insert, update, or delete rows in your database - as easy as using a spreadsheet!
Spreadsheet-like editor


Filter for specific rows without writing any SQL.

Let AI write your SQL queries

With DB Pilot AI, you can chat with your personal AI powered assistant right inside your database client. The assistant helps you write SQL queries, explain queries, convert SQL to code, and code to SQL.

Translate between code and SQL

DB Pilot AI converts your code to SQL, and vice versa - so you don't have to do it by hand. It supports libraries like Prisma, Ruby on Rails (Active Record), SQLAlchemy, and many more!

Join different data formats

Using the integrated DuckDB database, you can join data from CSV, JSON, and Parquet files without any hassle.

Write as CSV, JSON, or Parquet

Write the result of any query to a CSV, JSON, or Parquet file. Also a convenient way to convert a file to another format!

Query remote files

Simply specify a http URL or a S3-compatible path to data in a supported format, and query it right away. No need to download it manually.

Save query results to the integrated Database

Save query results of any connected database to the integrated DuckDB instance, and keep them around for later reference.

Connect data from your DB with data outside of it

Save the relevant data from your DB to the integrated DuckDB instance. Then join it with any other data you may have, for example in CSV, JSON, or Parquet or files.


What we'll ship next

Smart code completion
Context-aware autocomplete that knows about your database schema.
Additional database support
We'll be continuously adding support for more databases. The next ones coming are MySQL and SQLite.
Query and chat history
Refer back to SQL queries you've run and chats you've had with your AI assistant.



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The lifetime license gives you forever access to the database GUI. It also includes one year of access to DB Pilot's AI assistant and app updates. Afterwards you can renew access to the AI assistant and app updates for $49 per year.

DB Pilot

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A modern database GUI with your own personal AI assistant.

  • A modern GUI database client, enhanced by AI
  • Supports PostgreSQL. MySQL, SQLite coming soon
  • Lifetime license for the app
  • Includes one year of access to the AI assistant, and app updates. Renew anytime for $49 per year.
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Frequently asked questions

How does DB Pilot AI help me?

DB Pilot AI can help you write SQL queries - simply give it instructions in English, then let it do its magic. It can also explain queries, and convert between code and SQL, saving you valuable time.

Which databases are supported?

As of now you can connect PostgreSQL databases. We'll be continuously adding support for more databases. The next ones coming are MySQL and SQLite.

Can the AI assistant read my data?

No, the AI assistant cannot read your data. It knows which tables and columns exist in your database, so that it can assist you better. But it doesn't have access to any actual data stored in your database.


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Minimum MacOS 12.6 required.