Database GUI With a Twist

A database GUI client for PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite & more.

Equipped with an integrated OLAP database to bridge the gap between all your data sources.

Minimum MacOS 12.6 required.

Integrated OLAP Database

Local Hub To Connect All Data

DB Pilot comes with an integrated OLAP database, powered by ClickHouse. It runs locally on your machine, bridging the gap between your databases and other data outside of them.

Attach Sources.
Attach databases, local files, files on S3 & more. Then query them all at once.
Join everything.
Query across a PostgreSQL database, a local CSV file & more. Join tables from multiple sources, as if everything was a single database.
Query local and remote files.
Easily query any CSV, JSON, Parquet files & more with SQL - be it files on your machine, or on object storages like S3.
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DB Pilot AI

Your Own SQL AI Assistant

With DB Pilot AI, you can chat with your personal AI assistant powered by GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. It helps you write queries that work with your data.

Write SQL queries.
Simply describe the desired outcome of a query in English, and let DB Pilot AI write the required SQL. It figures out which tables to use, how to join them, and which columns to select.
Explain queries.
Have a complex SQL query that's hard to understand? Ask DB Pilot AI to explain it to you!
Debug errors.
Tell the AI assistant about an error and it will help you come up with a fix.
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Database GUI

And Everything You'd Expect From a Database GUI

Want to work on a single database directly? DB Pilot's got you covered - easily connect to PostgreSQL, CockroachDB, MySQL, SQLite, or DuckDB.

Spreadsheet-like editor.
Insert, update, or delete rows in your database - as easy as using a spreadsheet!
Look up specific rows without writing any SQL.
Query history.
Refer back to SQL queries you've run in the past.
Schema editor
(coming soon). Update your database schema without writing any SQL - create tables, add columns & more.
App screenshot

Supported Databases

PostgreSQL CockroachDB MySQL SQLite DuckDB

DB Pilot supports PostgreSQL, CockroachDB, MySQL, SQLite, DuckDB - and more coming soon.


What we'll ship next

Smart code completion
Context-aware autocomplete that knows about your database schema.
Additional database support
We are continuously adding support for more databases.
Windows and Linux apps
Soon you'll be able to use DB Pilot on Linux and Windows WSL.

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The essentials of a modern database GUI.


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  • A modern GUI database client
  • Supports PostgreSQL, MySQL & more
  • Analytics workspace to connect your data


Use the GPT-3.5 SQL AI assistant.

$7 /month
  • Everything from the free tier
  • Your personal GPT-3.5 SQL AI assistant
  • 5-day free trial, no credit card required


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The best SQL AI assistant, powered by GPT-4.

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Frequently asked questions

How does DB Pilot AI help me?

DB Pilot AI can help you write SQL queries - simply give it instructions in English, then let it do its magic. It can also explain queries, and convert between code and SQL, saving you valuable time.

Can I try the AI assistant for free?

Yes! You can try the GPT-3.5 AI assistant during the 5-day free trial of the Plus plan. To use the more powerful GPT-4 assistant, subscribe to the Pro plan.

How do I activate my free trial for the Plus plan?

Your free trial will automatically be activated once you sign into your account in the DB Pilot app for the first time.

Which operating systems are supported?

DB Pilot can be used on Mac, with support for Linux and Windows WSL coming soon.

Which databases are supported?

You can connect PostgreSQL, CockroachDB, MySQL, SQLite, and DuckDB databases. Besides that, you can use the integrated ClickHouse instance to join across multiple databases, and even query local files (CSV, JSON & more), and files on object storages like S3. We'll be continuously adding support for more databases.

Can the AI assistant read my data?

No, the AI assistant cannot read your data. It knows which tables and columns exist in your database so that it can assist you better. But it doesn't have access to any actual data stored in your database.


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Minimum MacOS 12.6 required.